Cardinal Points

With Amelia Romanos

I became a news journalist in 2007, working in courts, at protests, in the office, on the streets (no, not like that), in disaster zones, at sports grounds, and in parliament until switching to the expat lifestyle with my then boyfriend, now husband, in 2012.

We headed to London (via the rest of the world), and now I spend as much time as possible finding new places to visit and jumping on trains, planes, bikes, buses and segways to see them.

I’m a proud tourist – potentially not trendy enough to be a traveller – and while I love to find the hidden gems of tourism locations, the big-ticket hot spots win me over too.

This blog is my humble (or otherwise) opinions on travel news, places, blessings and problems.

Front Desk

With Don Wisomo

There are two things in this world I’m good at – writing and being nice to people. I’ve spent the last five years doing the latter and now I’m writing about it.

I’ve worked in hotels for six years. I started as a baggage porter and now I’m a reception manager at a London hotel. My job is to make you happy.

Before that I was, briefly, a journalist. I wrote for regional and national newspapers in my homeland before changing careers, moving to London and embracing the life of a full-time host.

I’ve worked in all kinds of hotels with all kinds of guests. There are challenges of course – the customer isn’t always right but my job is to make them happy regardless.

Come behind the front desk with me and I’ll take you into a world you  don’t see when checking in, checking out, or laying a complaint.